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Transforming data to information, thus helping business to make informed decisions

The framework that brings in clarity, objectivity aligned mindset


Good project governance is the secret weapon of effective project-based organizations.It plays a pivotal role in determining how organizations function. As a result, it's important for corporations to establish proven corporate governance policies, ensuring project governance is aligned with the defined corporate governance policies that will result in consistent delivery capabilities.


The success of the governance framework depends on the mindset of the involved stakeholder hence its important that all stakeholders have a common goal for the set objectives. Many cases require a mindset shift and change. The best way to bring in the mindset shift and change is continuous training and education. 


The 4 major attributes of governance framework are processes, Measurable goals, Tools clearly defined roles, and responsibilities. Process and SOP give the guidelines to the team for ways of working. Clearly defined roles and responsibilities ensure the team is able to achieve maximum output based on potentials.  Measurable goals bring in the objectivity in execution, that helps in execution and achieving targeted goals. Tools are enablers for effective execution, monitor, and control.


Agile / Scaled Agile is the framework that has all the mentioned attributes. PTS is an expert in executing projects from small scales to large scales using the Agile / Scaled Agile framework.

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