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Learner today, become a leader tomorrow with simple, flexible and affordable training

Digital Transformation is shifting gears, changing industries, and influencing the way corporations and institutions work. There is a very thin line between working and learning. Moreover, both working and learning started to merge. The ability of individuals and organizations is measured by how they adopt OR provide just in time training solutions.

Training and Learning are becoming more measurable, developable, and goal-oriented. That means the thinking is shifting from learning to more optimum working outcomes.

With focus on performance-driven learning outcomes, Individuals and organizations should move towards new learning methods. One of these methods is on-job training.

Our experienced team is equipped with in-depth knowledge of the business, technology, and soft skills training. We follow an agile approach with on job training method, to give maximum growth opportunities and create a positive impact on people.

Technology Class
Learning cutting edge technology with full-stack development mindset
The world is moving towards full-stack development. We identify the potential talent, train them in full-stack development technologies. All these trainees undergo the on the job training. The objective of the training is to ensure the trainees get the full length and depth in the technology areas.
Software Testing
Data Engineering
Automation and DevOps
Digital Marketing
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Professional Man Holding a Tablet
Enhancing soft skills is must to succeed in a professional career
Softskills are increasingly becoming hard skills in today's workforce. Teamwork, leadership and communication are underpinned by soft skills development. While your technical and domain skills will get you to foot indoor, your soft skills will open most of the doors to come. Our experts help you enhance your communication, listening, body language, voice modulation and  negotiation skills
Working with Team
Presentation & Negotiation
Body Language
Communication & Listening
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Doctor Analyzing X-Rays
Learn why domain understanding is important for digital transformation ​
Understanding the domain is important for transformation.  If one understands the business processes associated with a particular domain, positive results with respect to accomplishing objectives are possible. Once business requirements are completely understood, it just transforms into a matter of implementation of suggested enhancements and other improvements. We teach you how to deep dive into the Domain and get a good understanding of the subject. We have expertise and experience working in below 4 major domains. Domain training will be conducted based on the experience we have in these 4 domains.  
Event Management
Health Care
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Agility & Speed, Deliver products with a proven governance framework
Governance and Compliance.png
A structured governance framework is backbone of successful product delivery. We follow the Agile Scrum methodology to deliver the products. We believe in quantitative measures not qualitative. With defined metrics framework we can predict the project progress. In addition, we have experience and expertise in Retail & Health care compliance frameworks 
Scaled Agile (SAFe)
FDA, ISO13485, ISO14971, IEC62304
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