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Excellence center focusing on first-time quality via digital testing, agility, and automation


Product Quality Engineering and Assurance plays a key role in keeping the brand promise. To ensure usability, performance, security, reliability, availability, and stability of products/applications, ISVs and enterprises are focusing on product quality assurance and testing. With the digital age, ISVs and enterprises are moving towards maximum test automation. PTS team is expert in managing the end-to-end software product testing services. Our core team is an expert in testing domain, executed testing strategies, and implementation services across an extended network of business applications, development environments, and Omni channels. Our proven test automation accelerators and frameworks are catering to the business needs, giving tangible benefits to our customers in terms of time, schedule, and cost.

A Testing center of excellence is the framework that maintains centralized service shared across the organization. Its primary focus is on processes, formal metrics, required tools, and expert professionals. A good combination of Tools, Processes, and skilled resources helps establish successful TCE. PTS has a rich experienced team with experience in executing large scale projects with the right tools and processes.

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