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Manage and scale restaurant operations with the power of digital analytical solutions

Discrete Restaurant Operations Management Application (DROMA) is designed and developed by experienced IT professionals having hands-on experience managing a restaurant business. Its one-stop platform for restaurant owner and their executive staff. The Platform designed from a user-centric approach.
Employee Management

Onboarding, Offboarding, Attendance, Shift mgt.


Employee Management feature helping in managing the employee masters record with all their personal details. Attendance and shift management and employee record for future reference.

Store Management

End to End Store Management for tight control on stock levels


Monitor and Control the store operations with ease, giving power to ask right question that results in saving. Helps in generating the accurate demand and supply for the material requests

Kitchen Management

Fully automated kitchen management


Kitchen operation management is key and primary section of any restaurant. Kitchen Operation Management feature helps in managing and monitoring the complete operations with ease.

Inventory Management

Managing inventory status effectively


Inventory Management helps the restaurant owner in managing their restaurant inventory. All new purchase are added to the stock and all ware and tare items are reduced from the list. Giving good control for inventory stock

Billing Management

Menu, Recipe, Restaurant Sales, Cash Management


Billing Management feature help in tracking the daily sales on the counter. It also help in maintaining and managing the cash records. With effective reporting owners can view the daily monthly and yearly sales transactions

Admin & Accounts

Maintaining and Managing clear accounts for all transactions


Managing and Maintaining clear accounts for Capital Investments, All Purchase (Store + Inventory) , Cash and Card sales, Operating expenses, Salaries, Vendor Payments, Miscellaneous, Bank transactions. 

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